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May 9, 2014

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The Great Falls Development Authority (GFDA) is governed by our 36 member Board of Directors that reflects our regional public-private partnership. Each May a nominating committee selected by the Board provides a list of board candidates to our investors to vote in a new board of directors.  The results of the election are announced each June at our annual meeting, and the new board is seated with the first meeting in July of each year.  The board is comprised of 9 members appointed by our public partners and reviewed/reappointed each year, and the remaining 18 are elected by our private investors to serve three year terms on the board.  

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The Two Medicine Fight Site located roughly 25 miles south east of Browning is the location of the only violent encounter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition which took place on July 27, 1806. Accounts of the conflict have varied over the years, but one of the main issues was that the Corps of Discovery were making peace with other American Indian tribes and providing them with guns which threatened the traditional Blackfeet domination of the region.