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Sweetgrass Board of Directors Membership Roster

1. Government Representatives (51+%)

Name Government Position Location
Mike Henning Town of Fairfield Council Member 603 Central Ave., Fairfield MT 59436
Jim Larsen Cascade County Commissioner 325 2nd Ave. N. #111, Great Falls, MT 59401
Gerald Wagner Blackfeet Tribe Dir. Of Environmental Off. PO Box 850, Browning, MT 59417
Jim Hodgskiss Teton County Commissioner PO Box 610, Choteau, MT 59422
Lorette Carter City of Shelby City Dev. Coordinator 112 1st St. S., Shelby, MT 59474
Deb Brandon Toole County Commissioner 226 1st St. S., Ste. 201, Shelby, MT 59474
Dale Siefert Pondera County Commissioner 20 4th Ave. S.W., Conrad, MT 59425
Llew Jones State of Montana Senator 1102 4th Ave. S.W., Conrad, MT 59425
Tom McKay Glacier County Commissioner 512 E. Main St., Cut Bank, MT 59427
Holly Hovland Town of Sunburst Council Member PO Box 245, Sunburst, MT 59482
Del Darko Town of Belt Council Member PO Box 453, Belt, MT 59412


2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%)

Name Company/Enterprise Position Location
Lila Evans B and L Pumping Owner Hwy. 464 Houseman Hill, Browning, MT 59417
Cynthia Johnson Desert Claim Farm Owner 23073 Sollid Rd., Conrad, MT 59425
Brad Livingston Gt Falls Chamber of Commerce President 100 1st Ave. N., Great Falls, MT 59401
Jason Gibson Bridger Steel Sales Manager 17 Liberty Lane, Great Falls, MT 59404
Tony Sitzmann Oil West Services Private Business Owner PO Box 150, East Glacier, MT 59434
William McCauley   Retired Businessman 318 1st Ave. S.W., Cut Bank, MT 59427
Shane Etzwiler Great Falls Chamber of Commerce President/CEO 100 1st Ave. N., Great Falls, MT 59401


Calculations Number Percent
1. Government Representatives (51+%) 10 59%
2. Non-Government Representatives (up to 49%) 7 41%
Total Board Membership 17 100%
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Charles Marion Russell lived in Cascade County from 1892 until his death in 1926. Russell created more than 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Indians, and landscapes set in the Western United States. The C.M. Russell Museum complex in Great Falls perserves his home and studio and contains a large collection of his work.